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Dub McClish

The Writings Of Dub McClish
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BB Course

Basic Bible Course – Ira Y. Rice, Jr.

Each lesson has been reformated. This reformatting will allow students to complete the course via the Internet or to download the files to a computer and use them as study guides.

Each lesson can be viewed by clicking on the title of the lesson. The questions are a separate file.  (The chart in Lesson 21 can be downloaded BBC_Lesson-21_Chart.)

Lesson 1 — BBC_Lesson-1 Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth BBC_Lesson-1_Questions
Lesson 2 — BBC_Lesson-2 How All Things Began BBC_Lesson-2_Questions
Lesson 3 — BBC_Lesson-3 The Three Dispensations of God’s Will to Man BBC_Lesson-3_Questions
Lesson 4 — BBC_Lesson-4 Christians are NOT Governed by the OLD Testament (Part 1) BBC_Lesson-4_Questions
Lesson 5 — BBC_Lesson-5 Christians are NOT Governed by the OLD Testament (Part 2) BBC_Lesson-5_Questions
Lesson 6 — BBC_Lesson-6 Christians are NOT Governed by the Preaching or the Baptism of John the Baptist BBC_Lesson-6_Questions
Lesson 7 — BBC_Lesson-7
Lesson 8 — BBC_Lesson-8 Why CHRISTIANS Believe in JESUS CHRIST as the SON of the LIVING GOD BBC_Lesson-8_Questions
Lesson 9 — BBC_Lesson-9 What JESUS Taught by WORD and DEED (Part 1) BBC_Lesson-9_Questions
Lesson 10 — BBC_Lesson-10 What JESUS Taught by WORD and DEED (Part 2) BBC_Lesson-10_Questions
Lesson 11 — BBC_Lesson-11 Christians are NOT Governed by the LIMITED COMMISSION BBC_Lesson-11_Questions
Lesson 12 — BBC_Lesson-12 Christians ARE Governed by the GREAT COMMISSION BBC_Lesson-12_Questions
Lesson 13 — BBC_Lesson-13 Establishment of the KINGDOM of GOD BBC_Lesson-13_Questions
Lesson 14 — BBC_Lesson-14 ACTS of the APOSTLES’ — Book of CONVERSIONS BBC_Lesson-14_Questions
Lesson 15 — BBC_Lesson-15 Second Case of Conversion — at SOLOMON’S PORCH BBC_Lesson-15_Questions
Lesson 16 — BBC_Lesson-16 Third, Fourth, & Fifth, Cases of Conversion — the SAMARITANS, SIMON the SORCERER, & the ETHIOPIAN EUNUCH BBC_Lesson-16_Questions
Lesson 17 — BBC_Lesson-17 Sixth Case of Conversion — SAUL of TARSUS BBC_Lesson-17_Questions
Lesson 18 — BBC_Lesson-18 Seventh Case of Conversion — CORNELIUS & HIS HOUSEHOLD BBC_Lesson-18_Questions
Lesson 19 — BBC_Lesson-19 Eighth & Ninth Cases of Conversion — LYDIA & HER HOUSEHOLD, PHILIPPIAN JAILER & HIS HOUSEHOLD BBC_Lesson-19_Questions
Lesson 20 — BBC_Lesson-20 Tenth & Eleventh Cases of Conversion — THE CORINTHIANS, THE EPHESIANS BBC_Lesson-20_Questions
Lesson 21 — BBC_Lesson-21 Summing Up God’s RECORD OF CONVERSIONS (All 11 Cases in Acts) — Chart BBC_Lesson-21_Questions
Lesson 22 — BBC_Lesson-22 The FIVE “Ws” and “H” about BAPTISM BBC_Lesson-22_Questions
Lesson 23 — BBC_Lesson-23 GOD’S NEW TESTAMENT PLAN of SALVATION BBC_Lesson-23_Questions
Lesson 24 — BBC_Lesson-24 THE CHURCH We Read about in the NEW TESTAMENT BBC_Lesson-24_Questions
Lesson 25 — BBC_Lesson-25 The WORK and WORSHIP of the CHURCH BBC_Lesson-25_Questions
Lesson 26 — BBC_Lesson-26 The ORGANIZATION & GOVERNMENT of the CHURCH BBC_Lesson-26_Questions
Lesson 27 — BBC_Lesson-27 NEW TESTAMENT CHRISTIANITY RESTORED BBC_Lesson-27_Questions
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